Lawn Maintenance Memphis

Lawn Jox offers year round gardening for your business. Summer may be the best, but also the hottest part of the year. you have to pay more intentions to the grass if you will need to continue looking green and healthy. Lawn Maintenance Memphis are not afraid of the heat, so we offer the best service that will keep your lawn the envy of all your rivals throughout the season.

You work hard all week so who wants to spend your precious free time more work? At Lawn Jox, we have developed affordable weekly packages to make summer more enjoyable. Whether your lawn, hedge or garden bed needs weekly maintenance, make a once-only clean or anything else, lawn care memphis tn has the great package for you. Our prices are based on the size and condition of your lawn and pay man or cut hours. Ordering our services online or calling our office for a professional garden care will help you talk with the discovery of your specific needs.

Our best team does nothing more than get and keep good care of your lawn and landscaping. Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture, our team is guided by only the most qualified technical irrigation and fertilization. So when it comes to it has never been easier to get specialists on the job. Our team is the best in lawn care memphis and is fully equipped with all the skills and tools needed to take your accommodation to the next level of green.

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Lawn Care Maintenance Services

Weekly Cut & Trim. You can claim your summer back by hiring professional memphis lawn care and maintenance for the summer, you will also deal with the lawn mowing. With regularly scheduled visits, your lawn will enjoy weekly haircuts and the seat, ensuring a healthy looking lawn. Once the adjustment is complete, you will always blow your walkways to give your garden a well-kept and clean look.

Grass Mulching. If the lawn is less than 6 inches at the time of mowing, our equipment will consist of padded lawns as part of the service, at no additional cost. If there are more than 5 inches, bags and weed removal is necessary for a small fee. Plowing grass is like mowing the lawn left in the lawn, providing nutrients back into the lawn, promoting health and growth. This is achieved through moisture to maintain your lawn, to protect the “crown” of your lawn.

One Time Cut. We can facilitate cuts or incisions holiday time “1-3 weeks service” at a very affordable price. We offer the same professional service, including curb strike compensations and padded grass. Lawn Jox Lawn Care is a locally owned company that offers mowing, landscape maintenance, lawn care/spraying, Fertilization and Mosquito control services. 901 529 6569



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